Why NFTs?

The first NFTs were created around 2012 on the Bitcoin sidechain Counterpart, which stored basic information such as colours and initial images. Things accelerated when a new blockchain emerged in 2015: Ethereum.

Various projects and more complex artworks were created on Ethereum – a small NFT art scene was born.

NFT Handshake
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With the increasing Adoption of NFTs for many Applications, they are becoming one of the most exciting Investments.

With an increasing number of NFT enthusiasts, including art collectors and NFT investors, we have witnessed a massive surge in sales volume in 2021, 2022 and 2023, making NFTs one of the most promising investment opportunities in the blockchain space. NFTrust strives to constantly build a unique collection of non-fungible and fungible tokens that have the potential to generate returns well above average. We are only at the beginning of the NFT era.

We, therefore, see excellent Growth Potential for the Future.