Promotion of Web3
Start-Ups in the NFT Space.

Another exciting investment area in the NFT space is funding emerging Web3 start-ups. We explore promising opportunities in this space by connecting with entrepreneurs, developers, creatives and artists. Every day, new ideas appear on how blockchain technology can be used for specific business models.

This is where we help them achieve their goals with the support they need at this early stage. There are almost unlimited possibilities for future applications for NFTs. Social life and the economy will adopt non-fungible tokens en masse for their purposes.

We carefully examine each Business Model for its Use Case.

NFT Web3 Universe

We currently have holdings in the following start-ups:

Quanty develops and markets a modern NFT portfolio management and valuation tool.

From the first financing rounds, our shareholders can participate in developing these companies. We carefully review each team and its business model for their use case and scalability to support those with the most significant potential.

We are always open to new investment opportunities in this evolving environment of Web3 and look forward to sharing the growth of this new evolutionary stage of the Internet with you.