Bluechip NFTs -
the Gold Standard.

Computers assemble NFT collections of generative art. Traits or characteristics such as colours, shapes and additional elements can be created manually and uploaded to be mined (created) for the buyers. A series of algorithmically generated images are created as individual tokens by computer-coded “smart contracts” with properties/traits assembled differently. Each attribute, such as size, name and art, is freely programmable, and no two NFTs are the same.

The different rarities of certain traits can be preset in percentages, making some more common and some rare. Rarities can, therefore, significantly affect the value of the NFTs.

CryptoPunk #4035

We invest in Collector Series
like the Blue-Chip NFT "CryptoPunks".

NFT collectable series like the “CryptoPunks” experienced broader popularity in early 2021. Some collections are already established as “blue chip” NFT series, such as the “Bored Ape Yacht Club”. The sales growth of these assets is unparalleled in the art scene.

We target these already successful projects by acquiring and trading their assets. We are always looking for the best return on investment opportunities.

Our team consists of experienced colleagues who correctly understand how specific projects can work and lead to success by analyzing the project’s history, team, roadmap (plans) and community. The diversification of the NFTs purchased allows us to hold a large number of different NFTs over the long term.

Of course, we don’t just focus on blue chips but also fundamentally examine young projects on the market.

Art by Renowned
& Up-and-Coming Crypto Artists.


As a Shareholder in NFTrust, you can participate in this Diverse Art Portfolio.

Since the advent of NFTs, artists have used this technology to express themselves and market their art. Some artists were already established in the classical art world; others appeared for the first time through the possibility of art on the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens have enabled artists to create and market their artworks directly to collectors in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Without traditionally being dependent on an art gallery, the chain from creation to purchase of the artwork has been shortened in a revolutionary way. There are no restrictions or censorship for these artists; they can use their full creative potential by digitally creating unique artworks and offering them on the blockchain. These can be still images or short video sequences, and it is possible to add sounds and music.

These artworks are stored on the blockchain and can never be deleted, creating an overwhelming component for the younger art scene. Against this background, historical relevance also comes into play, i.e. the more extended the date of origin lies in the past, the more valuable a piece by a virtuoso artist could become.

Editions also play a role: A unique work of art that only exists once on the blockchain is more valuable than an edition of, e.g. 100 pieces. NFT artworks by now-renowned crypto artists are already trading for high amounts. We collect these treasures with a sense of good taste in art and intensive analysis. An exciting part of our art collecting journey is discovering emerging artists, feeling their style of expression and classifying them as valuable for our portfolio. We allow traditional artists to establish themselves in the new market and advise them on their entry.