Digital Land in the Metaverses

Because NFTs work as proof of ownership, digital real estate became conceivable and, thus, a reality. These spaces are called metaverses and are a closed digital cosmos in which the user can move with a smart device. Metaverses are similar to video games; however, players/users can own, trade levels or traits and earn and spend a specific “in-game currency”. A virtual reality headset provides the best user experience that allows you to move in 3D for a realistic experience. You can also meet with other people in the metaverse and, for example, hold meetings or conduct consultations.

Users can own land or real estate, which is tradable and sometimes very desirable. Owners can construct buildings and infrastructure on the lots, making it possible to create digital shops, galleries, offices or clubs, such as the English auction house Sotheby’s, which built a replica of its London Gallery on “Decentraland”.

NFTrust Signee

Be a Land Owner in Decentraland.

Given that these new spaces could be widely embraced by society in the future, there is significant potential in acquiring them now. We currently hold various digital properties and the already mentioned and successful Decentraland. Times are changing, and people are spending more time online. As a result, digital metaverses are growing, and even a company like “Facebook” changed its name to “Meta” and released plans to build its metaverse.

The early purchase of digital land in different metaverses has excellent potential for high returns. We make it possible for you to become a property owner with us.