DAO's Decentralised
Autonomous Organisations.

Our portfolio also includes investments in decentralised autonomous organisations in short DAOs. A DAO is an organisation that is encoded by a transparent computer program. The program is not controlled by shareholders nor influenced by any central governing body.

Records of financial transactions and program rules are stored on a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) such as a blockchain. DLTs ensure the secure tracking of financial interactions. This makes DAOs completely transparent, immutable and incorruptible.

In our View, DAOs have Great Potential for Lucrative Returns.

MetaHero DAO

A DAO sets itself apart from the management structures of classic companies and societies since all rules are encoded in smart contracts. At the heart of a DAO is internal ownership that is collectively managed. In most cases, these are tokens issued by the organization or used for rewards. Purchased tokens can also flow into the DAO. By investing in a DAO, users receive voting rights and can thus influence the way the DAO works.

DAOs are entirely transparent because their code is public – so any investor can pre-test that code for errors. A DAO is a participation with a digital voting right. We can participate in good concepts and strategically influence the projects through coordination.